Life Under Renovation – Rockwell House featured on Discovery Plus & HGTV

life under renovation rockwell house

Discovery – the parent company for fan-favorite brands like HGTV, Food Network, TLC, and Discovery Channel – has launched its new streaming service Discovery+ with a number of new original series. On the April lineup of premiers includes a new show titled Life Under Renovation featuring Rockwell House.

New concept for a new streaming service

This self-shot docuseries features five families from around the country. Throughout the season, follow each as they take on major renovations to meet the challenges of defining life events. From welcoming new members of the family to saving historic treasures, the ups and downs of the massive projects are a rollercoaster as each family works to perfect their forever homes.

Rockwell House featured during major restoration

Life Under Renovation joins Ross and Will at the Rockwell House during phase two of its restoration journey. The pair are living at the property tackling preservation and restoration projects under the strict standards of the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Historic Rehabilitation. Not only are they working tirelessly to prepare the Rockwell House for guests, but they both also try to balance work and life while living in the construction zone.

“This wasn’t my first preservation project, but the amount of work we needed to do was so much more than anything I’ve done before,” said Ross as he discussed filming the series. “On top of that, we had several surprises that threw a wrench in our plans and budget.” Will mentioned that living in the Rockwell House while balancing regular work and construction work was especially challenging. “I was working nine-to-five every day, finishing up, and then picking up whatever project was on the list,” Will recalled about filming. “We were prepared to work hard and expected to be tired, but the timeline and budget we had to get all the work done were very tight.” Absent from filming is Rockwell’s third investor, Jacob Hawkins. “I don’t live in-state so it’s hard to join for most of the hands-on work, especially when the timeline is as tight as what we worked with for the show,” said Jacob. “While it would have been really cool to join, I wouldn’t say I’m devastated to have missed microwaved meals between long days and late nights.”

Premier date and where to watch

Life Under Renovation premiers April 28 on Discovery+ with additional episodes available each Wednesday. Start your free 7-day trial and subscribe at