Restoration of the Rockwell House

In March of 2019, we embarked on a major restoration of Milledgeville’s Rockwell House, done in compliance with the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Historic Preservation.

The scope of the project included all new systems (electrical, plumbing, heating & air), refinishing of original wood floors, repairing original plaster walls and molding details, replicating missing character-defining architectural details, fresh paint inside and out (restoring the original ochre-yellow exterior color scheme), and lots more. A 1980s era kitchen was replaced with all new cabinets and appliances and vinyl flooring was removed to expose original wood floors and hidden fireplace re-exposed. Some preservation projects are ongoing, like the restoration and replication of the original windows and shutters.

Today, the Rockwell House is open to the community to explore and enjoy. Whether you’re planning a special event and need an equally special venue or visiting Milledgeville’s historic attractions, Rockwell is a unique opportunity to experience history.

Below is a gallery of images showing some highlights of the process. If you want to take a deep dive, visit our Facebook page.